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As The World Churns December 2014

As The World Churns December 2014 By Bob Nicolaides 18:55:39,2014-11-30 “The student,” according the daily Demokratia, “asked of his school’s administration that the Greek flag be raised and the National Anthem be heard once...


AS The World Churns 5-14

AS The World Churns 5-14 By Bob NIcolaides   The only existing gold coin with the portrait of Alexander the Great, circulated during his life, has been discovered in a bazaar in Peshawar, Pakistan...


As The World Churns- August

As The World Churns– August By Bob Nicolaides, e-mail: nicolaidesc@comcast.net Every child knows the ready-made spaghetti brand Chef Boy-ar-dee, but how many know that is now owned by C. Dean Metropoulos?…Egyptiot-Greek .John Lartides who now lives...